Chile: ‘We want to see a strong response’ from the government in case of gas spill

  • July 12, 2021

The Chilean government said Monday that it is seeking assurances from the US Embassy that it can monitor the gas well that triggered an explosion on the Pacific coast of Chile.

Chilean Prime Minister Santiago Urrutia told reporters that he has sent a letter to the US Ambassador to Chile, Daniel Hirsch, seeking a report from the American embassy on the damage.

The letter also said the Chilean government is asking for more information from the Embassy regarding the cause of the explosion.

The gas explosion in Chile’s capital, Santiago, on Monday was caused by a gas well blast that was triggered by a well casing explosion.

Urruthia said that his government wants to see an immediate response from the United States Embassy to the Chilean authorities and its response to any future incidents of natural gas leaks.

Urratia said the gas leak has also caused damage to other infrastructure in the region.

Chile’s gas industry has faced increasing criticism in recent years for high prices, a lack of safety equipment, and poor environmental controls.

Urrections to increase safety measures, such as installing better-equipped equipment, have been a focus of international criticism.

Chile has been struggling to improve the country’s economy, which has been in a deep recession for years.

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