Ferrari’s new ‘super coolant’ could be more powerful than petrol, researchers say

  • August 1, 2021

Ferrari has revealed a new super coolant that could be even more powerful, but may be more expensive.

The company, based in Spain, said on Friday it had developed a new water-based fluid called super coolants, which are made by using a mixture of hydrocarbons and water.

Super coolants are a type of liquid used in the manufacture of fuel.

These are not cheap, but they are often used to cool cars, making them more efficient than petrol and other diesel engines.

Ferrari says it has already developed super coolans for its new supercar, the 2017-spec Ferrari 458 Italia.

It is said to be the most powerful supercoolant Ferrari has ever produced.

But it is not the first time Ferrari has tried to design super coolANT, the term for water that it says is less expensive and less flammable than petrol.

It is also not the only company to try and design a super coolanti, a water-derived supercoolants.

Last year, the British luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin released a new, much cheaper version of its super coolante.

The new supercoolanti, named SuperCool, is designed to work in combination with its current petrol-powered V8, as well as its supercharged V8.

SuperCool’s manufacturer, the Swiss company Aquabatic, says it will be produced from natural supercooling materials.

Supercoolant’s design could make it a much cheaper alternative to petrol, which is increasingly being seen as the most efficient form of transportation, and in some ways, the safest.

It has also been criticised for its high price, which has been in the region of €50 per litre, compared to about €200 for petrol.

But research published in Nature Climate Change said that the supercoolante’s low cost could actually reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

The research found that the cost of producing a supercoolANT is only a third of that of petrol and diesel, and that supercooled supercoolans could potentially save the world some 15 trillion tonnes of CO2 emissions.

But supercoolantes can be more costly than petrol-based supercoolers, which can be bought for around €10,000.

SuperCool’s potential, the researchers argue, is that it can replace a lot of the cost associated with using petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles.

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