Why the VW Coolant Prices have risen and what to do about it

  • August 7, 2021

A number of customers have complained that they can’t get the coolant they paid for when they have bought their car at the pump.

The fuel tank for the new VW Passat, used by the Volkswagen Group, has been flooded with water due to the release of a new batch of the product from a supplier in Germany.

A spokeswoman for the European Union’s competition department, Margaritis Schinas, told the BBC: “This is a case of competition being undermined by a supply of cold water and it’s not a new situation.”

We have to take action and we’re going to do it in a timely way.

“Volkswagen Group chief executive Martin Winterkorn said the company had been notified of the problem.”

It’s a matter of concern to us, we’re looking into it and we’ll take the necessary measures to solve it,” he said.”

But we don’t have any new data on the issue yet.

“In Germany, the price of the coolants was reduced by 20 per cent and the price was reduced for a limited time.

A spokesperson for the German Energy Agency said the price reduction was due to an increase in demand for coolants.”

The reduction was not an attempt to increase the cost of the products, rather it is an attempt by the market to maintain prices at current levels,” the spokeswoman said.

Mr Winterkron added that the government would take action to ensure that the suppliers did not increase prices to cover up for the shortfall.”

If there is a situation like this we’ll do everything we can to prevent this happening,” he added.

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