When the Toyota Coolant is Dead, Why You Should Buy a Tesla Model S

  • August 10, 2021

Tesla Motors has finally come to its senses and is now offering customers a solution to their frustration over not getting the right coolant in the Model S. The company announced today that it is now able to deliver the required cooling system in the Tesla Model X. Tesla said it plans to roll out the feature in its other vehicles by the end of the year.

Tesla will also begin offering customers the option to add a $10,000 deposit for a Tesla coolant upgrade.

The deposit is optional for all customers who do not want to pay a full $100 deposit to Tesla for a new cooler.

The cooler, which is manufactured by Advanced Cooling, is the most advanced coolant on the market, offering the capacity to cool up to a 1,500 pound vehicle.

Tesla confirmed that the new coolant will not work in the vehicles currently on sale, but the company has confirmed it will be available to customers who buy the new Model X this year.

The coolant’s introduction came as a result of a patent application Tesla filed in April, which the company said it filed in June 2015.

Tesla is now making available a $100 credit for customers who want to upgrade their Model X to the latest version of the cooler.

Tesla says that customers will need to take the cooler to a Tesla dealer and pay the $100 fee upfront.

Tesla customers can upgrade their coolant with the option of a $5,000 discount, but those who want a cheaper option can also take advantage of the $10 credit.

Tesla’s move comes after the company filed two patent applications last year for a range of coolants.

Tesla announced that it would begin offering coolants in December 2016, but didn’t specify how many coolants would be offered at that time.

Tesla also announced in June that it will begin offering Tesla Coolant Kit 2.0, a new version of its cooler that offers customers the ability to customize the coolant by adding a second reservoir for up to five gallons of water.

Tesla has also released a free trial version of CoolantKit 2.1 for customers that purchase the Tesla Cooling System upgrade.

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