When will Apple introduce a 3D Touch feature for Macs?

  • September 3, 2021

By now, most people have heard of 3D touch on Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptops, which allow users to interact with their Macs with the help of the Force Touch trackpad.

Apple’s previous 3D-touch MacBook Pro computers had limited use of the feature, and now, a number of outlets are reporting that the company will introduce a new version of its laptop lineup that will include Force Touch support in future models.

The feature was initially announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook at the company’s keynote at the International Consumer Electronics Show last week, but the news was only made public a few hours later.

Apple has also announced plans to integrate Force Touch functionality into the next-generation MacBook Airs, which will be unveiled in June.

But, for now, the company hasn’t shared any details about when or how Force Touch might make its way into its new MacBook Pros.

The first iteration of Apple’s MacBook Pro line will use the company “new and improved” Force Touch keyboard, according to the company.

The new version will also feature a touchpad that will let users “tear open” the laptop, which is said to offer “touch access” for users who need to unlock their laptops with the touchpad.

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