How to fix the stock Coolant Reservoir on your Corvette

  • August 13, 2021

Chevy Cruze Coolant Rechargeable Pump (CPRP) is a coolant reservoir rechargeable pump designed for replacing the stock radiator and cooling system on many of the Corvette’s models.

With a compact, easy-to-use design, the CPRP is one of the easiest coolant pumps on the market.

The CPRP pump is a standard Chevy Coolant Replacement System (CRS) pump.

This pump has two large, stainless steel intake pipes, each designed to work with the radiator and the cooling system.

The intake pipe and piping are designed to take advantage of the new “coolant” flow and the new water channel for the radiator to use.

The pump has an additional 1/2″ diameter water channel to allow the radiator coolant to drain through the radiator before it flows back to the radiator.

The CPRM Pump is designed to replace the stock coolant system, and is designed for replacement on the following vehicles:Chevy Cruze, GMC Acadia, GMCV-2, Chevrolet Corvette, GMP-S, GMV, GMW, Chevrolet Titan, GMZ, GM500, GMT, Chevrolet SS, GMX, Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Sedan, GMCOVER, Chevy Tundra, Chevrolet Spark, GMD, GMF, GME, GMH, GMJ, GML, GMM, GMN, GMR, GMS, Chevrolet Volt, GMSS, GMSU, GMTS, GMVA, GMXL, GMVI, GMWR, GMWB, GMWD, GMEX, GMXX, GM5, GM6, GM7, GM8, GM9, GM10, GM11, GM12, GM13, GM14, GM15, GM16, GM17, GM18, GM19, GM20, GM21, GM22, GM23, GM24, GM25, GM26, GM27, GM28, GM29, GM30, GM31, GM32, GM33, GM34, GM35, GM36, GM37, GM38, GM39, GM40, GM41, GM42, GM43, GM44, GM45, GM46, GM47, GM48, GM49, GM50, GM51, GM52, GM53, GM54, GM55, GM56, GM57, GM58, GM59, GM60, GM61, GM62, GM63, GM64, GM65, GM66, GM67, GM68, GM69, GM70, GM71, GM72, GM73, GM74, GM75, GM76, GM77, GM78, GM79, GM80, GM81, GM82, GM83, GM84, GM85, GM86, GM87, GM88, GM89, GM90, GM91, GM92, GM93, GM94, GM95, GM96, GM97, GM98, GM99, GM100, GM101, GM102, GM103, GM104, GM105, GM106, GM107, GM108, GM109, GM110, GM111, GM112, GM113, GM114, GM115, GM116, GM117, GM118, GM119, GM120, GM121, GM122, GM123, GM124, GM125, GM126, GM127, GM128, GM129, GM130, GM131, GM132, GM133, GM134, GM135, GM136, GM137, GM138, GM139, GM140, GM141, GM142, GM143, GM144, GM145, GM146, GM147, GM148, GM149, GM150, GM151, GM152, GM153, GM154, GM155, GM156, GM157, GM158, GM159, GM160, GM161, GM162, GM163, GM164, GM165, GM166, GM167, GM168, GM169, GM170, GM171, GM172, GM173, GM174, GM175, GM176, GM177, GM178, GM179, GM180, GM181, GM182, GM183, GM184, GM185, GM186, GM187, GM188, GM189, GM190, GM191, GM192, GM193, GM194, GM195, GM196, GM197, GM198, GM199, GM200, GM201, GM202, GM203, GM204, GM205, GM206, GM207, GM208, GM209, GM210, GM211, GM212, GM213, GM214, GM215, GM216, GM217, GM218, GM219, GM220, GM221, GM222, GM223, GM

BMW-BMW coolant leak: Man suspected of using a hidden metal detector

  • July 13, 2021

The Times Of India on Tuesday reported that a man in Punjab had allegedly used a hidden detector on BMW-Bmw coolants and BMWs that had been leaking coolant.

The report quoted the police source as saying the man had found a metal detector hidden inside the coolant valve on two BMWs, but when he opened the valve, he found that there were no metal detectors inside.

The source added that the man was arrested after he allegedly took out the metal detector.

BMW and BMW coolant were among the first cars to be recalled after a series of problems with BMW coolants in 2017.

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