BMW coolant pump pump leak exposes 10,000 BMWs

  • October 19, 2021

A leaked BMW coolamp pump has exposed 10,800 BMWs in the UK, with the owners of the machines facing financial loss after the water pressure was cut by around 1,000mm.

The leaks were discovered on Monday in a BMW Coolant Flow machine in Stockwell, Kent, by a homeowner who said he noticed the pump was working intermittently, with his water pressure being cut by less than a millimetre.

The pumps are used to supply the cooling system to the BMW 3 Series, 3 Series R and 3 Series Coupe models.

BMW said the pump is being fixed and the affected machines have been returned to service.

The BMW Coolamp Pump is used to control the flow of water in BMW’s cooling system.

It’s a simple operation, which can take a while to get right.

But the BMW Coolamps are used in all of BMW’s coolant systems, which supply cooling to almost every vehicle on the road.

The owners of BMWs are now facing a potentially costly repair and a potential loss of earnings, although BMW said they are not facing financial losses at this stage.

It said: “The water pressure is a fixed variable that is adjusted by the pumps on the same day.

The system was set to be fixed at 7600 psi for the next 30 days, but we are now working on fixing the pump and will be back to normal next week.”

The owners said they had installed a water sensor to check their water pressure and had also installed a new water filter in the Coolamp to try to reduce the amount of water being used by the pump.

However, they said they were still unsure about whether the pumps were properly operating.

They added: “It is not yet clear whether or not the system is functioning properly.

We are in the process of getting the water checked by a qualified engineer.

We do not know if it will be able to be repaired or if the water will remain in the system.

The Coolamp pump was fitted in the 1970s and has been a source of concern for BMWs since it was introduced.

The machines, which provide a high flow of cooling, can sometimes be over-loaded with water, forcing the pump to work overtime.

The company has been working on a new Coolamp, which was introduced in 2019, which will increase the flow rate by 500mm.

G12 Coolant for Audi A3: The G12 Audi Coolant

  • August 16, 2021

In the wake of Audi’s announcement last week that it would be discontinuing the popular G12 cooling solution for its models, many are wondering if the company will also be discontinuating the popular E-Class coolant.

The answer is yes.

In the wake the G12 announcement, Audi’s chief marketing officer, Matthias Bader, explained to journalists that the company was considering a return to the original G12, but that this time around, it would focus on “a brand new generation of G12Coolant for the next generation of Audi A4 models.”

The company is not discontinuing any G12 coolants, but is instead “pushing forward the new G12 for our A4 lineup,” according to Bader.

Audi did not specify when the company would do this.

G12 Coolants for Audi Models

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