MTV’s ‘Bitch I’m A Doctor’ Recap: ‘Dr. Phil’ and ‘The Bachelor’

  • September 19, 2021

A recap of the first episode of the upcoming second season of MTV’s The Bachelor, in which the first contestants are Dr. Phil and his wife, Dr. Vanessa Williams.

“You can say it’s like ‘Doctor Who’ and then it’s ‘Doctor,” Dr. Williams joked.

“I don’t think that’s a good thing.

I mean, I do think it’s a great thing to have the first two guys that are on that show, but the third guy, I don’t know if it’s even on the show.

So, I think that the third person would be kind of a bad thing.

And then they would be like, ‘Why is he here?

Why is he there?

He’s not here for us.

He’s just here for his wife,'” Dr. Taylor added.

The hosts also discussed the upcoming season of The Bachelor.

“We’re not going to be doing a third season yet,” Drs.

Phil, Vanessa Williams and Dr. Chris Brown confirmed.

“The Bachelor is like the world’s greatest reality TV show, and it is so incredibly popular that you could make a fortune in this show.

And we don’t have to be like The Bachelor anymore.

And, you know, you can’t really go back to that,” Dr Brown added.

“But, if you were going to do a third, and you were just like, oh, I want to do this, you would have a chance.

And that’s why I want the show to be about the Bachelor.

I want you to go on the Bachelor and not be the Bachelor,” Dr Phil concluded.

“And, so, we’re just like just, ‘I’m going to go home.’

And then I’m going home and I’m just going to say, ‘Yeah, that’s not me.’

Because, you don’t want to be me.

You want to look like the Bachelor.”

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