Why the Australian market isn’t a hotbed for NISSAN coolant leaks

  • October 19, 2021

NISSANS coolant supply chain in Australia has been criticised for its poor quality, as new research suggests there may be a problem with the cooling system of the Australian car market.

A new report from research firm CarPlay shows that NISSans suppliers have consistently failed to meet Australian car emissions standards.

The findings suggest the quality of Australian coolant is “poorly controlled and is being exploited by manufacturers to circumvent their own stringent emissions testing requirements,” the report says.

NISSANS’ supply chain has been blamed for leaking a large amount of coolant in recent years, according to the company.

In January this year, a NISSA research team, led by Professor Tony Goulston, released a report into the company’s supply chain and found that Nissans coolant supplier was not only not up to code but had also failed to provide a high quality coolant solution.

Professor Goulson said at the time that NISOs supplier had not only failed to supply an adequate coolant source but also not delivered a solution which meets NISSAs emission standards.

“In Australia, NISSI is a company that has been known to cheat on emission testing,” he said.

“We were able to demonstrate that the NISSi supplier had failed to deliver a solution that meets the NISI emissions standards in the timeframe of the audit.”

Nissans supply chain also has been implicated in the leaked oil spill at a Shell oil terminal in the Gulf of Mexico in 2016.

As well as the Australian research, NISAs suppliers in the United States have been criticised over the past two years for failing to meet emissions standards, particularly those related to emissions testing.

After an investigation into the leaks at Shell in 2016, Nissas global supply chain was fined $1.2 billion for “systemic violations of Australian emissions requirements”, the Department of Energy and Resources said.

It was the largest fine ever issued by a regulator.

On Monday, the Federal Government confirmed it had issued a fine of $6 million for failing its emission test obligations.

At the time, the company admitted the fine was for a “failure to meet regulatory emissions standards”.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has said the Nissan supplier had “failed to comply with its statutory obligations and also to provide an acceptable solution” to comply.

An NISSan spokesperson told the ABC that Nisans supplier in Australia “is currently working with NISAA and NISACA to resolve the issue”.

NISACA said the supplier in question has “agreed to the appropriate resolution process”.”NISA is committed to addressing all issues relating to NISSANI’s supply of coolants and other related products to the Australian public,” it said in a statement.

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