Jeep Wrangler coolants with ‘G12’ label (The Verge)

  • September 11, 2021

Jeep is offering a new coolant with an ‘G’ suffix for its Wrangler hot hatchback.

The company says that the new “G12” coolant is specifically engineered for high performance, rugged, and high-flow coolant.

The G12 coolants feature a “superior blend of advanced polymers, advanced coatings and an ultra-high quality high-temperature rubber” and are “the perfect solution for the Wrangler’s performance, comfort, and reliability.”

Jeep claims that its G12 coolerant is made to “reduce the need for heat exchangers and air conditioning systems, and reduce the risk of oil leakage in hot and humid conditions.”

While Jeep has been selling Wrangler models with the G12 Coolant since late 2014, Jeep hasn’t announced a price yet.

The G12 is currently only available with the Jeep Wranglers GT, but Jeep says that it plans to offer an optional G12 cooling system with the 2017 Jeep Wranger, which it has said will be available in 2019.

Gas supply company pumps out millions of gallons of coolant

  • August 26, 2021

Gas supply companies are pumping out millions more gallons of antifreesze coolants than they are buying for the plants that they’re building.

The National Gas Association (NGAA) said in a statement Friday that the company is building a $500 million plant in South Carolina that will supply cooling systems for power plants.

The company also plans to build a $100 million plant at a site in New Jersey that will be used to cool cooling systems in power plants across the country.”NGAA will continue to invest in infrastructure to meet our energy needs and continue to be vigilant in ensuring our supply system remains secure and reliable,” said Jeff Anderson, the NGA’s director of product management.

Gas companies have long struggled to keep coolant coolant systems running properly, a fact that’s been on the minds of energy companies as they consider their plans to supply cooling to the grid.

Some gas plants have been using antifrozen coolant as a backup to the gas that the plants are using, which means the gas is constantly on top of the coolant.

The problem is that the gas plants aren’t using antiferromagnetic refrigerants that have been used to keep the coolants running properly.

The coolant has to be constantly refrigerated before it can be used again, but the gas plant doesn’t have refrigerant.

That means the coolers, when they run out of coolants, are subject to overfill and leak, the companies said.

The gas company will also build a new plant in Tennessee that will provide cooling for the electrical system at the plants it’s building, according to the statement.

The Tennessee plant will be operated by a new company called Gentry.

Gentry will build the facility, which will house three plants, for the NGHAA.

That’s a significant expansion of the plant that was built in 2007 and will provide gas and electric services to the Tennessee power grid.NGAA says that the new gas facility will be located in Tennessee, and the company has signed a contract with a gas supplier to provide electricity to the facility.

G12 Coolant for Audi A3: The G12 Audi Coolant

  • August 16, 2021

In the wake of Audi’s announcement last week that it would be discontinuing the popular G12 cooling solution for its models, many are wondering if the company will also be discontinuating the popular E-Class coolant.

The answer is yes.

In the wake the G12 announcement, Audi’s chief marketing officer, Matthias Bader, explained to journalists that the company was considering a return to the original G12, but that this time around, it would focus on “a brand new generation of G12Coolant for the next generation of Audi A4 models.”

The company is not discontinuing any G12 coolants, but is instead “pushing forward the new G12 for our A4 lineup,” according to Bader.

Audi did not specify when the company would do this.

G12 Coolants for Audi Models

GM: GM: ‘I can’t tell you how disappointed’ in Audi recall

  • July 12, 2021

GM said it is reviewing all of its products after a federal agency ordered the recall of some of its vehicles over a leaking coolant system.

The federal agency on Friday issued a nationwide recall notice for about 2.4 million vehicles, including about 500,000 sedans and about 250,000 coupes, according to a statement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The agency said the coolant leak occurred on a vehicle with a G12 engine, the highest engine rating available on the new model, the GMC Sierra.

The affected vehicles include the Chevrolet Tahoe, Tahoe HD, and Sierra.GM said in a statement that it is working with federal regulators and its suppliers to resolve the issue.

The agency did not provide details on the cause or severity of the leak.

GM said the leak happened in a GM factory.

The statement said the agency was still evaluating the details of the recall.

It was not immediately clear how many of the vehicles were affected.

The National Highway Safety Administration issued a warning late Friday about a potential safety problem in the coolants used in the new generation of the GM C7 and C8.

The NHTSA said a small percentage of the coolANTs in the C7 could fail in hot weather and could cause a leak in a vehicle.

A leak could result in engine failure and a fire, the agency said.

The notice said the C8 coolant could fail and cause a safety hazard if a small amount of coolant was spilled into a hot-air balloon.

The warning came after the NHTSC said the safety risk posed by a leak of a small part of the cooling system could not be ruled out.

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