How to fix VW’s VWCoolant bypass leak

  • August 6, 2021

The most obvious and obvious solution is to get a brand new bypass hose.

The downside is that the new hose will not drain any coolant and is likely to make a leak.

The solution is more complicated than that, however, and can be tricky.

You will need to remove the factory filter from the system, but the filter can be found here for $30 on Amazon.

I have seen this filter used to remove an old Volkswagen coolant bypass and remove a leaking waterless cooler.

However, it is also an easy way to remove a bypass hose and drain the coolant.

To remove the old filter, open the hood and turn the engine off.

You can then pull out the filter and replace it with a new one.

Remove the factory coolant drain hose by unscrewing the two bolts that secure the drain tube to the engine.

Remove one of the two holes at the top of the hose by loosening the retaining nut.

Then, remove the two bolt that holds the filter in place.

The one at the bottom of the filter is usually labeled with the brand name.

You may need to cut the fitting in half to get it out of the hole.

Next, remove a small section of hose, then unscrew the two locking bolts holding the filter back.

Remove all of the old hose and replace with a fresh one.

Remove the two large plastic clamps on the bottom that hold the filter tube in place, then remove the filter.

Unscrew the locking bolts and remove the hose.

Remove and discard the two plastic clamshells that hold in place the two small hose clamps.

Next, unscrew and remove three bolts at the back of the cooling system, then carefully slide the entire cooler hose out.

Once you have the cooler hose in the drain, you can remove the plastic clamshells to remove all the coolants from the cool-ant system.

If you are unsure how to remove these clams, refer to the article How to remove your VW Coolant bypass.

Next remove the coolANT filter, then replace it.

You should have a fresh, clean, and free coolant flow through the filter, but there may be some residual coolant that was added to the filter while it was in the tank.

I do not know the exact amount of coolant added to this filter, however.

To clean the filter drain, gently spray the hose with a few drops of warm water.

Do not scrub the hose or it may catch on the drain.

To remove the clams and coolant in the cooling loop, remove and discard any old coolant clams or clams with a hose clamp and remove any coolants that are still on the filter with a water-based cleaner.

Once the coolAnt filter is cleaned, you may need a fresh coolant system, which requires the replacement of the water-filled coolant tank with a brand-new one.

You do not need to use a new filter, as the filter will still drain the water from the tank and cool the water.

You also do not have to use the old coolANT drain hose as the coolantly-infused coolant will drain the old drain hose, which is why it is so easy to remove.

If a brand brand coolANT is used instead, it may be necessary to replace the filter again.

To replace the water in the coolancy system, you must drain the cooling coolant from the cooling cooler, then install a new coolANT system.

I recommend using a waterless cooling system to prevent leaks of coolants.

Waterless cooling systems are not as effective as a coolant-infusion system, however they can be used to control the flow of coolantes.

It is possible to use waterless systems to remove coolant leaks from the air intake system of the car and to prevent water from leaking from the radiator, air cleaner, and coolANT flow-through system.

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